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Commercial Water Damage Restoration

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Preparing your business from natural and man made disasters is critical. Due to recent storms across our country, Atlanta is not immune to natural disasters. It is important to make sure that you have the proper plan in place to be best prepared for when disaster strikes. 

SERVPRO of North Atlanta/ Buckhead has some great resources that can help you in planning the process. A few years ago we created a no cost app called the Emergency Ready Profile. This can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. This tool allows you to add emergency phone numbers and cut off switches for your facility. The best part is you can print it out or leave it on your phone to access anywhere in the world. 

We also have team members that are available to complete the app with a basic walkthrough of your facility. Call us at (404) 261-2925 to schedule an appointment. 

Commercial Flooding

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Flooding SERVPRO of North Atlanta/ Buckhead

If you have a large commercial flood in your building, SERVPRO of North Atlanta/ Buckhead is here to help! We have a lot of large loss experience and have been family owned for many years. 

It is important that every large loss is properly handled with documentation and proper steps taken. Doing the job correct the first time is important to prevent secondary damages from happening. 

We strive to be an education company in the disaster restoration industry. With that said if you have any questions on what to do or how to even be better prepared, feel free to reach out to us at anytime. We have several team members that are trained and specialize in different areas of large loss restoration. 

You can reach us 24/7 at (404) 261-2925 or visit our website at

Fire Damage to your home in Atlanta, GA

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Experiencing a fire loss can be a traumatic time for you and your family. SERVPRO of North Atlanta/ Buckhead is here to help if you ever experience such a situation. 

It is important to first make sure your structure is safe to enter. We high recommend not entering your home until it is inspected by a certified company. It is also important to understand your insurance coverage before signing any contracts with a restoration company. Many companies can take advantage of you so make sure you ask plenty of questions before you get started. 

Once the process begins, it is important to make sure if your content is salvageable, to make the restoration company takes a detailed inventory on a spreadsheet and with photos before taking your belongings to be cleaned.

Overall if you have any questions about handling a fire loss in your home feel free to reach out to us at or call us at (404) 261-2925

Dealing with Mold Damage in Atlanta

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Mold is something no one wants to have to deal with. It is important to understand that hiring the right professional is critical when discovering any types of microbial growth in your home or business. 

The first step when microbial growth is discovered is to have an environmental hygienist do a test to determine what kind of growth it is. Once it is determined there will be a written protocol on how to treat and remove the growth. 

It is important to not create further spread of mold spores when discovering mold by immediately cutting into structures and discarding. In most cases, containment will have to be set up to prevent further spread of mold spores. 

If you have any questions about mold remediation in Atlanta or the Buckhead area, feel free to reach out to us at anytime at (404) 261-2925

What to do if you find mold in your home?

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Finding mold in your home can be a stressful situation. We want to make sure you know what to do and how to handle it. First if you have any questions feel free to call us at anytime at (404) 261-2925.

If you discover mold or any kind of microbial growth growing in your home, it is important to get a hygienist to test the substance. Once the growth is determined the proper recommendations can be written for how to remove and treat. It is very important to make sure each step is taken into account. This way the job can be completed and not have to be redone for a second time. 

Overall if you need more insight on mold remediation, visit our website at

Hurricane Irma Restoration Work

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Atlanta/ Buckhead was called to assist on commercial large loss projects in Jacksonville, Florida after Hurricane Irma ripped through the area causing massive flooding. 

Our team is prepared 24/7 to travel anywhere in the United States to help those in need. We have the equipment and manpower to dry any size loss. Our team is trained and experienced with many large commercial water losses under our belts. 

It is important to have adequate manpower to extract the water immediately but also make sure that more water does not come in. Once the water is extracted, the drying process can begin. We have several large commercial desiccants that are designed for climate control in large facilities.

If you have any questions about our Large Loss capabilities, contact us at anytime at (404) 261-2925

Storm Damage Restoration

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Sometimes unexpected things can happen to our homes. One of those can be a tree falling through our roof in the middle of the night. When this happens, our team is available 24/7 to respond. 

One of the major concerns is secondary damage such as rain. If a tree falls through the house and it leaves a big opening you could look at a very expensive restoration project versus just the initial damage. It is important to get temporary cover on the roof or side of the house that is damaged. 

SERVPRO of North Atlanta/ Buckhead has the team and equipment to get the job complete from start to finish. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call us anytime or visit our website at

Water Damage Restoration

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Restoration SERVPRO of North Atlanta/ Buckhead

Water Damage in your home or business? 

No worries! SERVPRO of North Atlanta/ Buckhead is here to help! We have commercial and residential equipment to handle any size job. With hundreds of air movers, and dehumidifiers no job is too big. 

Time is of the essence once water enters your home or building. It is important to extract as soon as possible to prevent secondary damages such as mold and other microbial growth. Once the water is extracted the drying process can begin. It is important to leave equipment in place to make sure the entire structure is completely dry. We make sure to send team members out to monitor the drying process and document it. This is all uploaded in our proprietary software for your records. 

If you have any questions on water damage in your home or business visit our site at

The Basics of Water Damage Restoration

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

The Basics of Water Damage Restoration

Water in home or water in business can leave occupants at a loss of what to do. A pipe break in the plumbing system, a heavy storm, and a supply line break are some reasons for a flooded home or office building. Depending on the severity of the situation, water can cause destruction to the structural integrity of a building, and destroy belongings.

Without proper mitigation, a flooded home or place of business can develop mildew and mold, which increase the risks posed to the occupants. Professional restoration services provide various solutions to contain water damage in residential and commercial buildings. Flooding may seem overwhelming, especially for the first time but understanding the water cleanup process gives a clue as to how a restoration company will facilitate recovery.

The first step to the water damage restoration process is making the call to the experts. This action should be immediate to avoid the flood damage from spreading too far. As water continues to accumulate in a building, it accelerates the deterioration of the construction and valuables. The quick response of a restoration service ensures that the drying process begins as soon as possible to avoid this.


Once the restoration experts arrive, they begin by evaluating how far the water damage goes. Before the right mitigation measures are put in place, technicians have to know where to concentrate their efforts. Were leaks the cause of water in home or water in business? Is the roof compromised? If it was a supply line break, how far does it extend? All these elements will become clear after a thorough inspection. A restoration company will have top-of-the-line tools like cameras to check all the nooks and crannies to ensure problematic areas don’t go unnoticed. The comprehensive documentation conducted during the inspection stage doesn’t just help with the drying process but also with the insurance claim.

Water Extraction

The next part of the water cleanup exercise is to extract it. Using extraction equipment like vacuums and pumps, technicians will get rid of any standing water in a flooded home. Extracting the water provides an opportunity for damage mitigation because drying becomes less challenging. By removing the water after a pipe break, the cleanup experts can easily move furniture, check the floors and walls for mold growth and clear debris. If the flood damage has led to mold and mildew problem, experts will recommend remediation.

Cleaning and Drying

Once the surfaces are free of standing water, a restoration company will work on removing all moisture. Water cleanup professionals use specialized tools to detect areas of a property where moisture is still present. Dehumidification equipment is used for drying the affected regions. Sanitization is necessary when dealing with water in home or water in business. During the water cleanup, experts will apply chemicals and other products to get rid of any microorganisms that may be breeding in the wet surfaces. Part of the restoration includes drying the carpeting and draperies.

Property Repair

Mitigation of water damage is not just about emptying a flooded home; it’s about restoring your property to its former state. Flood damage can leave a house or commercial building with significant issues like a leaking roof, cracked walls, or chipped paint. A restoration company will conduct the necessary repairs, and the amount of work will depend on the degree of destruction. Sometimes a property may need new floors or a roof replacement. For water damage resulting from a supply line break or a pipe break in your plumbing, plumbers may need to fix the fault or replace the system entirely.

Water in home or water in business can leave an owner reeling from extreme devastation. Only the right mitigation techniques can help a residential or commercial property recover from flood damage. A restoration company will not only rebuild the integrity of your flooded home but also provide tips for avoiding a pipe break or detecting a supply line break before it causes flood damage.
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The Benefits of Hiring Experts for Professional Fire Damage Restoration

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

The Benefits of Hiring Experts for Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is one of the most challenging situations that a property owner has to manage. Most people think that the most challenging part of the fire damage is watching everything go up in smoke; while this could be hard, it is even more difficult to organize the restoration of the home to the state it was in before the damage. In case you have suffered massive losses in the fire, you may even be tempted to try home restoration by yourself. However, the benefits that come from engaging commercial fire damage professionals in the fire restoration process greatly outweigh the cost. Below are a few of these benefits.

Round the clock fire damage and fire suppression support

A house that has suffered fire damage can only be declared safe and stable after the fire sprinkler systems, the fire hoses, and the fire trucks have left and entire commercial fire damage restoration process has been carried out. There is no way to know if the fire weakened internal structures in the house, or the pressure from the fire hoses and the fire sprinkler systems and they could collapse at any given time. There have also been cases where a fire which was thought to have been put out rekindles. All these are scenarios which need 24-hour support from the firefighters and the restoration company. If you try to handle the soot damage, smoke damage and water damage from fire sprinkler systems alone, you will increase the magnitude of your losses.

The support services you will get during this time after fire suppression include:

• Emergency board up and stabilization of the structure after a utility room fire

• Removal of the household goods and assessment for damages immediately after the fire, soot damage and smoke damage

• Use of water extractors and dehumidifiers for the remediation of any water damage coming from the fire suppression efforts.

• The initial cleaning up of the surfaces after the soot damage or smoke damage to prevent staining.

Availability of the right equipment for fire restoration

Fire restoration is not a simple process. It needs tools such as fire trucks, fire hoses, and a person who knows how to handle the equipment. When trying to put out a utility room fire or any other form of electrical fire, for instance, you will need a powerful fire hose or fire sprinkler system, and a firefighter who knows how to handle it. Hiring these experts will be the simplest way to make sure that fire restoration is carried out properly.

Quality of the outcome

The basic goal of fire suppression and home restoration after an electrical fire is to take it back to the state it was in before any of the commercial fire damage happened. However, competent firefighters do more than that. The firefighters and their fire trucks will go an extra mile and make sure that the furniture has been cleaned, the smoke damage and smoke smell has been removed from the upholstery. The fire truck operators will also go the extra mile and ensure that any surfaces which were stained by soot damage have not only been cleaned, but the resistant ones have been painted over. The best electrical fire restoration professionals also ensure that after the water extraction, dehumidification and drying are done properly to protect the home from mold damage.

These are some of the benefits which come from engaging professional commercial fire damage restoration experts. It is advisable to contact them as soon as the electrical fire or utility room fire damage occurs because this will determine the speed at which the home restoration process will be completed. When you contact them, you will have to give them a detailed account of the situation, and set up an initial assessment. It will help them look at the electrical fire damage or utility room fire damage and prepare appropriately for restoration. With a competent restoration expert, you can be assured that your house will get to the state it was in before the damage.
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