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Commercial Flood Damage Remediation in Atlanta

5/4/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Flood Damage Remediation in Atlanta When flooding affects your commercial location, SERVPRO is the business to call for quick response and remediation. Call immediately after damage.

SERVPRO's Three Levels of Cleaning Your Environment After Damage Defined

How clean does it need to be? For a house or apartment, the answer depends on who lives there. When it comes to a commercial facility, the answer depends on what is manufactured.

One effect of commercial flood damage in Atlanta results in dirt and other soil left behind after the water slowly drains away or is pumped out. SERVPRO has three levels of cleaning that cover every environment from building refrigerators to creating medicines. They are sanitary, disinfected and sterile.

Sanitary is the common level needed for manufacturing plants that do not process food or pharmaceuticals. Contaminants left behind from flood waters are removed to protect the general health of the workers and any visitors to the plant. This process does leave a certain amount of dirt, but at a level acceptable to maintain a clean environment. To keep a sanitary level, we recommend a regular cleaning schedule depending on the needs of the plant and any budgetary restrictions. Semi-annual cleaning is very effective in most cases.

Disinfected is the next level of cleaning that is required for plants where food is processed. This level is marked by a 99 percent removal of all contaminants. Disinfection is also necessary for structures where flooding caused a sewer backup and pathogens such as bacteria are left on surfaces. For this level of cleaning, our response team uses EPA approved cleaning agents to all affected surfaces and machinery.

Sterile cleaning is used for areas that must be 100 percent free of all contaminants. To achieve this, our response team disinfects multiple times if needed and our inspectors follow a checklist created by the FDA to ensure the proper environment is maintained for the production of pharmaceuticals and some types of medical tools and equipment.

Recovering after a flood is not a simple task, but SERVPRO of North Atlanta / Buckhead has the experience, tools, and training necessary to get the job done. Regardless if your company is manufacturing chain-link fencing, canning peaches or creating the latest migraine medicine, we can get your production back on track. Call us today at (404) 261-2925 for an inspection and initial estimate.

How to Rescue Residential Masonry from Fire Damage in Atlanta

4/24/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How to Rescue Residential Masonry from Fire Damage in Atlanta SERVPRO handles fire damage on the inside and the outside of the property. Call today to discuss and start the remediation process.

SERVPRO's Experience with Fire Damage Restoration Works to Your Benefit

In the wake of a residential fire, the primary focus is on repairing the damage done to the inside of the house. However, moderate to severe incidents can lead to visible marks and blemishes on the outside of the building too. It is why SERVPRO conducts a full inspection of fire-damaged properties before we start any restoration work.

The good news is that stains on masonry, concrete and other structural materials are almost always superficial. While brick and concrete are not impervious to fire damage in Atlanta homes, they are extremely sturdy and don’t succumb easily to heat. It means that, in most cases, we can use straightforward cleaning techniques to restore the outside of the property.

Light Stains

If there is no structural damage to the masonry, the SERVPRO technicians use mild cleaning agents to wash soot and smoke deposits from the surface. Where the staining is very light, dry sponging is enough to wipe away grime on block, brick, and concrete. Stubborn marks get lifted with alkaline detergents and direct scrubbing. Sodium hypochlorite is highly effective when it comes to soot removal, and it leaves no residues.

Moderate Stains

The difficult thing about soot is that it can be highly acidic. If it is not removed quickly, particularly from structural materials, there is a chance of corrosive residues becoming embedded deeper and deeper into the masonry. It is why SERVPRO pays close attention to cracked joints.

They are delicately cleaned and repointed to dislodge any soot deposits which may be trying to move into the capillaries. Once this is complete, larger areas are dry sponged and vacuumed. Then, they are jet washed with a high powered pressure cleaning device.

Heavy Stains

The most severe staining occurs when heavily combustible materials have caught fire and burned for some time. In some cases, jet washing is still a suitable method of cleaning. We can add soot dissolving formulas like high PH degreasers, dry ice, or soda ash to increase optimal results.

SERVPRO rarely recommends sand blasting for brick, block, and concrete because it is a very abrasive process and can cause additional damage. If there are smaller patches of masonry which are heavily soiled, the technicians may apply a poultice (sodium hypochlorite and diatomaceous earth). It takes 24-48 hours for the formula to take effect.

The great thing about a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO is that we offer a complete package. We are part of a huge network of contractors, so there is no repair job too big for our team to handle. Call SERVPRO of North Atlanta/Buckhead at (404) 261-2925 today for expert advice.

Use the Right Services to Overcome Flood Damage in Your Atlanta Area Home

4/5/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Use the Right Services to Overcome Flood Damage in Your Atlanta Area Home SERVPRO can help you with any stage of flooding from prevention to remediation. Call right away for best results.

Professional Technicians Quickly Remove Standing Water From Your Property

Water damage in your home can be especially brutal, causing many different issues and leading to a variety of hidden damages. However, you hold all of the cards, take the proper steps to help prevent these problems from developing into something you simply cannot afford and help us help you get things under control quicker during an emergency.
Start by contacting your insurance company to ensure that you have the proper coverage for common issues that plague the Atlanta area. You can prevent flood damage, or instances concerning fire, water, or mold in your home by contacting a quality restoration company for help. So, that is what you should do next. Make it a priority to develop a relationship with them, before an emergency occurs on your property.
A company, like SERVPRO, offers a variety of services to help prevent flooding in your home. Everything from a full inspection of your property to help identify common problems, to the installation of additional drainage, backflow valves, or submersible pumps for use during an emergency. Our technicians can help you prepare. Something as simple as providing your home with the proper grading in your yard can save you from damages that would otherwise occur on your property.
SERVPRO has done all of the research and planning for you. We have a preparedness app available online to get things started and make ourselves available 24-7, 365 days a year. Without question, our technicians, answer your call and respond to any emergency situation you may be facing. We even assist you with filling out any paperwork required for your insurance claim and ensure that your entire restoration process is as stress-free as possible.
SERVPRO technicians are expertly trained, have access to quality, industrial-grade equipment for water location and extraction. While also having the ability to perform quick drying services using air moving equipment and dehumidifiers to help prevent additional damages from forming, including pesky mold damages that happen rather quickly if not attended to right away.
Our team provides you with a full-service solution to problems that occur on your property. We help you handle the entire event, from start to finish and return your home to a quality preloss condition in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Often exceeding expectations of customers just like you and saving a variety of contents and personal items you thought lost.
SERVPRO of North Atlanta / Buckhead stands ready to assist you, contact us today. (404) 261-2925

The Three Essential Steps in Atlanta Water Removal

3/15/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Three Essential Steps in Atlanta Water Removal SERVPRO has a proven process that works for water removal. Call today to discuss how it can work for your water emergency.

SERVPRO's Water Removal Process Can Help to Prevent Secondary Damage

SERVPRO observes a relatively simple process for our water removal jobs. Although many underlying concepts and intricacies complicate matters, our process is, at heart, only composed of three essential steps. First, we use water extractors to remove volumes of standing water that can be pumped out of the home. After this comes the drying phase, where we use carefully-positioned air movers to pick water up off of surfaces and get it into the air. Finally, to ensure that the now-saturated air does not cause additional water damage, we use dehumidifiers to chemically or thermally catch water droplets from the air and collect them into removable storage bins.
The first step, water extraction, worries homeowners the most but is, in fact, one of the easiest steps in Atlanta water removal jobs. While huge volumes of standing water can appear daunting and do indeed need heavy equipment to take care of properly, our industrial grade extractors can usually clear an area in a matter of hours.
Drying is perhaps the longest step of the project and is often done in tandem with dehumidification. SERVPRO technicians move in heavy-duty air movers to create powerful air flows in an area, catching water on all surfaces and bringing it into the air. This is an all-encompassing step, where we simultaneously dry out all materials including carpet, fabric, wood, laminate, and other common household elements.
Dehumidification may be done alongside drying, but is always done immediately after it at the latest. If the airborne water droplets are not dealt with quickly, they can cause additional problems throughout the home such as oxidation and reintroduction to surfaces. Dehumidifiers attract and collect water back into a liquid form, this time in easily-handled buckets that can easily be removed and handled.
SERVPRO of North Atlanta / Buckhead is a local company with national resources backing up every water removal job we take. Call us 24/7 for our help with water removal and restoration at (404) 261-2925.

From Remediation to Reconstruction, We can Restore Your Atlanta Home After Any Type of Storm Damage

3/8/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage From Remediation to Reconstruction, We can Restore Your Atlanta Home After Any Type of Storm Damage SERVPRO Works Fast to Make It "Like it never even happened." Call For Storm Damage Rebuild in Atlanta

SERVPRO Has the Experience and Expertise to Rebuild Your Damaged Property

Disasters and emergencies that affect your home can range in size and severity. Many of these situations can keep you and your family from living at home until restorations are finished. Not only can these problems create safety hazards themselves, but repairs and other types of work can make it difficult to normal family life.

In Atlanta, we provide all of the storm damage services needed to restore your home completely, from initial cleaning and remediation to complete reconstruction. We know having one company provide all of the services your situation requires not only reduces the time involved but that doing so can also save thousands of dollars. You can put these savings to use in beneficial ways for your family.

Our SERVPRO technicians are highly skilled in all phases of damage-repair, including reconstruction. Upgrading the features in your home after damage to meet the latest code requirements or to gain additional energy savings or safety features are options we can discuss with you.

Other options that reconstruction can provide include increasing room size, altering the floor plan, widening stairways, adding windows and exterior doors, and many others that can be extremely cost-effective. We can explain more when we make our initial assessment of your home. We add creativity to our experience and skills to provide you the best in reconstructing your home.

Rebuilding a home after being damaged may seem the best option if the structural and cosmetic damages cover only a small area, but when the area damaged is much greater, reconstruction can keep a home from becoming condemned and demolished. When a home is destroyed, insurance often does not pay enough to purchase another home of similar size, and this can lower your family's standard of living significantly.

When you need more than cleaning and damage repair, call us, SERVPRO of North Atlanta / Buckhead at (404) 261-2925. We would love to make your home your dream home, one that is designed with your family in mind.

Factors Contributing to Mold Damage in Atlanta

3/7/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Factors Contributing to Mold Damage in Atlanta Mold and Moisture in Atlanta, Remedied by SERVPRO

When Your Atlanta Home Needs Mold Remediation, Call SERVPRO

 After many types of disasters, the threat of mold can quickly become a reality. A major flood is not needed to start the threat, most mold spore and microbe growth begins with a relatively small amount of water and then spreads unnoticed for a long time.

Cleaning or replacing mold damage in Atlanta is not a simple process. SERVPRO has decades of experience with mold and the training to professionally complete the job and place you safely back into your house or apartment.
There is a mistaken belief that mold growing in your home means you keep a dirty house. This position is not true. Mold spores are in every home and begin to expand no matter which neighborhood you live in with only three factors: food source, temperature, and moisture.

Every home is a food source. Mold grows exceptionally well on building materials such as drywall, insulation, paper, and wood such as framing. If it is organic, mold feeds on it.
Most homes keep an indoor temperature of around 74 to 78 degrees. Most common molds grow in a range from 68 to 86 degrees. Other molds grow well at temperatures lower or hotter than that.
Mold spores must have much moisture to expand and begin developing. They grow quickly at levels over 70 percent, but some can survive at levels of 65 percent. The ideal way to stop mold growth is to keep the moisture level under 60 percent. Since moisture is the easiest to manipulate than temperature and food source, this is where our technicians concentrate their efforts.

Time is a major factor in how our technicians remove mold. Water does not need to be contaminated; microbes are present even in clean water pooling under a dripping faucet. After just a few days, though, the growing mold quickly becomes the contamination, turning the water 'gray.' Where clean water can be pumped out of a home and into a nearby sewer; contaminated water may have to be captured and disposed of differently according to state and federal EPA rules.

Stopping mold is a major issue in protecting your home and property. SERVPRO of North Atlanta / Buckhead is ready to explain every action as we help you. If you have seen or otherwise believe you have a mold problem, call at (404) 261-2925 today.

A Fast Response Is Imperative When Water Damage Threatens Your Atlanta Home

3/1/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage A Fast Response Is Imperative When Water Damage Threatens Your Atlanta Home No matter what caused your water damage, it is imperative that you have a fast response in calling us and that we move quickly in making repairs.

Fast Response To Water Damage Is Crucial

From leaking faucets to flooding, water damage is one of the most potentially destructive and common problems you face as a homeowner. If you do not take care of the problem right away, excess water in your home promotes electrical hazards, causes costly damage to the structure of your home and belongings, and can lead to the growth of dangerous mold. When the worst has happened, you need to call in professionals at SERVPRO right away.

Water mitigation is the process of lowering or preventing how much water damage occurs after a leaking roof, a flood, or any number of reasons related to water. When an action is taken fast to repair your Atlanta home, you can prevent even more damages and costs.

At SERVPRO, we offer a fast response seven days a week, 365 days a year, and are available to take your call anytime. We realize that you want to get your life back to normal as soon as possible, and SERVPRO does all that we can to help you in this. All our restoration methods meet or exceed industry standards, and our technicians are fully trained to IICRC standards. We use technology and products which are state-of-the-art to make sure we get the best results for your home. We offer all our customers comprehensive water mitigation services, and we have a long history of working with insurance companies, so your claims are processed as quickly as possible.

No matter what caused your water damage problem, it is imperative that you have a fast response in calling us and that we move quickly and efficiently in making repairs. In just minutes, water can spread to other areas of your home. After a few hours, pressed wood swells and disintegrates, plus bacterial odor spreads throughout your home. After only a few days, water can create severe complications and secondary damage, resulting in disruptive and costly repairs.

Immediately after the loss, you can do a few things before we get there. Remove wet area rugs or floor coverings which aren’t permanently attached, and lift draperies off the floor, looping them through a coat hanger and putting the hanger on the drapery rod. Place aluminum foil under furniture legs, and move paintings, photos, and art to a dry, safe location. Open closets, drawers and cabinet doors to encourage drying, and pack books on shelves tightly together to prevent warping pages, until we can come and start this specialized drying.

At SERVPRO of North Atlanta / Buckhead, we understand how crucial it is to move fast after water damage has occurred. Call SERVPRO as soon as you can after the loss at (404) 261-2925, and we will be out to your home quickly to begin the remediation process.

A Brief Summary of the Commercial Water Removal Process

2/23/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial A Brief Summary of the Commercial Water Removal Process Ridgeview Park Stores: Leaks Cause Water Damage and Closures, Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO's Array of Equipment Mitigate Water Damages to Businesses in Ridgeview Park

Whether your retail store has taken water damage from an internal, clean flood or a violent, external one, quick removal of water should be at the top of your priorities list. Quick water removal allows us to start the drying and restoration processes sooner and may make the difference as to whether or not your doors reopen after the disaster has been handled. SERVPRO employs a variety of heavy-duty tools and equipment to remove water as efficiently as possible from a building.

Water Extractors
For the heaviest water removal from your Ridgeview Park retail store, we use water extractors to pump out high volumes of standing water. These can be summarized as motorized, specially designed water pumps used explicitly to take water inside a building and pump it out into the streets. Depending on the severity and location of damage, we use either small, portable pumps, small rider pumps, or much larger truck-mounted variants to remove water as quickly as possible.
Drying Tools
Once the higher volumes of water have been extracted, we then bring in equipment to remove any remaining water soaked into surfaces or wedged between cracks. Most stores restored by SERVPRO only necessitate the use of our industrial air movers, powerful fans designed to create specific currents of air within the room to maximize drying speed. However, in some cases, we may employ specialty drying machines or thermal drying solutions when the air movers cannot handle the job alone.
Dehumidifiers are essential when cleaning up the effects of a flood, as they prevent water from taking to the air and causing further damage in the store. This is critical in preventing secondary water damage to inventory, electronics, and fixtures. These machines use thermal or chemical methods to collect water from the air into bins, lowering humidity to desirable levels. If humidity remains at too high of a level, a mold may begin to grow, and some retail equipment such as refrigeration systems or commercial electronics may malfunction.
SERVPRO of North Atlanta / Buckhead understands the need for speedy, thorough, and professional restoration work in local businesses. For our proven and certified services, call us anytime at (404) 261-2925.

Managing Mold Damage In Your Sandy Springs Laundry Room

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Managing Mold Damage In Your Sandy Springs Laundry Room Musty Smell from Mold? Call SERVPRO in Sandy Springs

SERVPRO's Sandy Springs Remediation Can Eliminate Mold Problems

No one wants mold damage anywhere in their home, but the laundry room is a common and frustrating area where it makes itself known. You try to remove the mold yourself without success and finally ask, "what company near me holds the key to complete mold remediation?" The answer is SERVPRO, your local mold management and remediation experts.
It is not surprising that mold damage plagues your Sandy Springs laundry room. Plenty of organic material and a wide range of microbial accelerants lie in your laundry basket. The area is isolated, in an out of the way corner of your basement or lower level, where you are a bit lax with daily cleaning. Your washer itself is a treasure trove of nooks and crannies that hide mold growth. You sniff the musty odor every time you open the washer or dryer doors, and the clothes you hang and fold sadly hold that funky smell right into your family’s dresser drawers and closet.
Dealing with persistent mold is not a do it yourself job. All your efforts fail because mold is a tricky problem that requires remediation experts from SERVPRO to conquer. When we arrive expect a thorough inspection of the laundry area to isolate any mold colonies behind or under the washer or dryer. Storage units and laundry chutes will be tested for mold activity. Hoses and other plumbing connections will be examined for leaks and evidence of mold growth.
The washer and dryer themselves are possibly a source of mold contamination. Our staff looks for visible mold on seals and doors and pulls out traps and drains to seek hidden patches of mold or mildew. Fungi found may be scrubbed off solid surfaces. If hoses and seals are the problems, a referral to an appliance repair specialist makes sense. Hoses, traps, drains, and seals removed and replaced eliminate the source of the mold. Disinfection with appropriate SERVPRO products on non-porous surfaces followed up with liquid or fogging deodorizers move your laundry room back to fresh-smelling instead of odor-creating.
Rather than discarding and replacing moldy appliances and walls, consider contacting SERVPRO of North Atlanta / Buckhead for a laundry room mold remediation. Call our friendly staff at (404) 261-2925 to set up a consultation.

Water Damage To Slab Foundations In Atlanta Is Common

1/22/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage To Slab Foundations In Atlanta Is Common Water Leaks Can Damage Slab Foundations in Atlanta

Consider SERVPRO for Restoration of Your Water Damaged Home

Where the ground freezing during the fall and winter is a minor issue, houses often forgo a basement or lower level for a slab foundation. Plumbing lines are located under or within the slab, making it difficult to determine whether cold or hot fresh water lines have failed. Water damage beneath the slab can go undetected until the significant loss has occurred. Waste pipes and sewer connections also run under the slab, all connecting to municipal lines. When one or more pipes under a slab foundation leak, SERVPRO can help the homeowner locate the cracked or broken line for repair. We can also restore any water damage done to the walls or floors of your home. Just as with any other water damage issues, quick action is best to avoid secondary issues like microbial growth, warping or buckling of flooring, or deterioration of walls.
The leakage from the pipes under or within a slab foundation may be absorbed into the ground under and around your home for some time before water damage evidence becomes obvious under your Atlanta home. You need to be vigilant about other signs of a breach in the pipes under your slab foundation. A common sign of a slab foundation leaks is the sound of rushing water, even when all taps are off. Increases in water and heating bills also are cause for concern, particularly if a jump in water use cannot be accounted for in other ways. Sometimes a homeowner notices warm spots when walking barefoot over the foundation, pointing toward leakage of hot water as a likely cause. Sewage smell can indicate a sub-slab waste pipe leak, and an increase in damp soil around the home should always be investigated for plumbing fails. Water damage to a slab foundation can imperil the stability of your entire home, necessitating consultation with an experienced and reputable restoration company to avoid irreparable damage. At times, the damage to the foundation may be severe enough to call in a structural engineer to formulate a course of remediation.
Our technicians have extensive training in dealing with water damage to slab foundations. Crawl space homes are also very frequently treated by SERVPRO for water damage, condensation and mold problems. SERVPRO project managers can evaluate your home's situation carefully, planning for the repair of the sub-foundation leaking pipes as well as the restoration of any damage to your flooring or walls because of the leaking. If the foundation slab leaking appears to have been a problem for an extended period we can also focus on discerning if your home suffers from microbial growth, more likely when water damage goes unmitigated for days or weeks. Once the water damage to the foundation has been repaired, restoration of any tile, laminate, or hardwood floors can proceed, as well as any deterioration at the joints between walls and the flooring.
When water damages your slab foundation an immediate call to SERVPRO of North Atlanta / Buckhead is in order. To arrange for an emergency inspection, call our scheduling staff at (404) 261-2925.